Our Team

Xigent Locums is a medical locum service, providing doctors for jobs across Australia. We are a family company, given to banter… but always efficient and focussed on providing a boutique individualised service. 

Wendy Murray (APRCSA, B Sc (Nursing)) is the manager of Xigent Locums. She brings a wealth of experience from the medical system, working for quite a few years triple certificate Registered Nurse in both the public and private systems. Then there were kids. Then there was Xigent. Wendy has a passion for getting the right doctor for the job. Or the right job for the doctor. She’d prefer to not make a placement than to put an inappropriately qualified or experienced Doctor in a position they’re just not suited for. Let her assist you in finding you your ideal job. 

Duncan Murray is the Medical Director of Xigent Locums, and an Emergency Physician. He has many years’ experience in the hospital system. Amongst other interests he still works as a locum, and can often be found in the strangest of locations.

Tammy Potter is the boss of accounts but also ensures all those other administrative tasks are up to date. Important stuff like accommodation, flights, getting paid. It pays to be nice to her.

Veronica Kingston is a recruiter and administrator. She juggles many jobs, including keeping in contact with many of our health employers, junior medical staff and our medical specialties.

Sophie Murray is the office mascot and has responsibility for food patrol and office security. She takes the food part of her role VERY seriously. Currently on a diet. Again.