Your privacy is important to us. This statement outlines Xigent Locums policy on how we collect personal information and how we maintain, use, store and disclose the personal information we hold and reflects our commitment to you. It applies to all operations within Xigent Medical Pty Ltd, trading as Xigent Locums ("Xigent") in Australia including visitors to our website

Adherence to RCSA Code for Professional Conduct
As a Member of RCSA Limited we must take reasonable steps to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of information obtained in the course of our professional practice.
We must also take reasonable steps to ascertain the extent to which any information we collect may be confidential.
RCSA administers Disciplinary & Dispute Resolution Procedures which you may have access to if you consider that we have breached any professional obligations.

Privacy Principles
The Australian Privacy Principles established by the Privacy Act 1988 (C'th)
as amended by the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012apply to Xigent Medical Pty Ltd (trading as Xigent Locums)

How to contact us
If you wish to contact us about your personal information you should contact the Privacy Officer at Xigent Locums on 07 3200 0509 during normal office hours or email any time.

Our privacy policy is based on transparency
We are committed to being open and transparent about how we manage personal information

Collection of Information
We will only collect information that is reasonably necessary for one or more of our tasks, functions or activities. 
We do not collect personal information just because we think it could be useful at some future stage if we have no present need for it.
We do not routinely conduct criminal history checks and only do so in order to obtain relevant criminal history with regard to particular jobs you are offered or for which you are shortlisted.
We do not collect or use personal information for the purposes of unlawful discrimination.
We may decline to collect unsolicited personal information from or about you and may take such measures as we think appropriate to purge such information from our systems.

Type of Personal Information Held
Personal information that we collect and hold usually falls into the following categories:
Sensitive information
Sensitive information is a special category of personal information under the Australian Privacy Act 1988. It is information or opinions about you, such as membership of a professional associations; criminal record; health information, racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs or affiliations, or philosophical beliefs. We will only collect Sensitive Information from you if you consent or if the collection of the information is required by or authorised by or under an Australian law. As outlined in the Australian Privacy Act, sensitive information can, in most cases, only be disclosed with your consent.

How your information will be collected
Personal information will be collected from you directly when you fill out and submit one of our application forms, together with any other information in connection with your application for work.
Personal information is also collected when:
Purposes for which we hold personal information
We primarily collect, hold, use and/or disclose personal information for the following purposes: